May 17, 2012

Easter Traditions: Hunting for Baskets

The great thing about getting married is that you are able to take traditions that you each grew up with and combine them. This one particular tradition came from Broc's family. I loved it and was excited to keep this tradition going. Broc and I even did this before we started having kids. So much fun! On Easter morning, you not only have to hunt for eggs, but you have to try to find your own basket as well! 

Our kiddos have loved it! And squeal with joy when they find their basket! That funny bunny hides your basket along with your colored egg!

And sometimes that old Bunny hides it inside and sometimes he hides it outside! Anything is fair game! 

He even hides Mom and Dad's baskets! I love it. And it is so much fun to still be surprised, even at 29! 

Happy Easter!

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