Apr 5, 2012

Baby Announcement

When I found out I was pregnant with Jack I wanted a fun way to announce it. A way that nobody would expect. One night, around 2 AM (that is when my best ideas come), Broc and I were trying to think of ways we could announce our news. We talked about doing a funny music video... but we couldn't figure out exactly how to get it done- knowing that we only had a couple of days before Christmas (which is when all of our families were going to be together-). So after searching for the perfect song, our tiredness got the best of us and we came up with this little number! We preformed this  live for Broc's family on Christmas Eve and for my family on Christmas Day! You can see the original post from my personal blog here. Make sure to turn up your volume!

I love so many things about this! Not that we are great singers and dancers (come on, because we are!! hahaha) ... but one that we actually really did this... and two- I love that no matter how crazy of an idea I have Broc is always down with whatever! He used his song writing abilities to come up with most of the words to the song. I love that he is just as crazy and ridiculous as me when it comes to stupid things like this! I think the best part of it was, when we were getting ready to do it for my family, they thought nothing of it. Oh ya Crys and Broc are just bustin' out something ridiculous again! hahaha! Seriously, it didn't even phase them! I am a little worried though about if we ever get pregnant again- I'm not sure we can top this one...
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  1. Lovely post! Enjoyed the video.

  2. seriously awesome! i couldn't dance and sing like that if i weren't pregnant... and the fact you could do it all while you are shows how much you rock! :) i will admit, i was sad this wasn't a new announcement though! haha

  3. Oh my goodness, this is awesome! Y'all are too cute! What a fun way to share your news :) And by the way, when I first saw this post, I totally thought it was a new announcement, too!