Mar 15, 2012

"Where the Wild Things Are" Party

Picking the theme for my (then) 3 year olds party was easy. 
I decided to do a party themed from his favorite book, Where the Wild Things Are
I have decided that choosing a theme for a party from your child's favorite book is best way to go, especially for a 3 year old party! 

Here are the invitations I made up! One of my favorite parts of this party! 
I superimposed Crew's picture in place of Max. 
{and note that this party was from two years ago- so don't judge the awful quality photos}

When the guests arrived, they got a crown a mask.

We started the party off by reading the classic story, Where the Wild Things Are. (I was pregnant with Jack here so don't judge the belly.) 

The kiddos loved it! They wore their crowns just like Max and got to pretend they were Wild Things with their scary masks. We marched around and they "roared their terrible roars and gnashed their terrible teeth."  

Next we played "Pin the Tail on Max"!

For this game, I found a picture of Max, had it enlarged to poster size, then laminated it. Having the poster laminated is crucial if you want to reuse the game. If you don't the tape will rip your poster when you pull off all the pins. 

Then I cropped the same picture down only to show the tail and had them printed on card stock. I cut them out and had them laminated. To differentiate whose tail was whose, I cut out circles out of colored paper and glued them to the tops, making sure I had a different color for each child.  

The game was a hit!  

We kept the party pretty close to an hour. Which for my 3 year old, was perfect. We sent the kiddos home with a cupcake, topped with Where the Wild Things Are ring from here. I thought it was a genius idea since we were living in a small place at the time. Could you imagine ten 3 year olds eating cupcakes in a small confined, carpeted place? That was exactly why we sent them to go... that and they did make a pretty cute thank you for coming treat!

The Wild Rumpus didn't end there! We had a family party for him the next day! 

We used the book and the left over masks from the party to decorate the table. 

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