Mar 16, 2012

The Boy Version Ruffle Cake

So I have been slightly obsessed with ruffle cakes. 
Mainly the ridiculously cute pink girly ones... like this! 

I often think of how perfect this would be for a little girl's birthday party! So so lovely! With two boys I only get to dream of throwing frilly parties and making ruffled cakes.  

Well this past summer we went back to the states for my SILs wedding. While we were there we had a pre-birthday celebration for Mr. Jack! Since we live in the Caribbean our family wouldn't get to see him dig into his first cake so we celebrate a month early. It was a pretty last minute, thrown together kind of a party. And I knew I didn't have time to create a cute fondant cake... so as I began to start decorating his cake, I came up with the boy version ruffle cake! I really needed an excuse to try out the ruffles! 
I guess for Jack's sake I shouldn't refer to them as ruffles. 

I am no pro at ruffles this design but it was actually pretty easy, especially since it was my first time attempting it. 

Sometimes it helps to watch someone do it before you attempt. Here is a great video tutorial. Or Martha has a pretty good write up tutorial as well. 
The frosting tip used to make those adorable ruffles looks like this.

 I used a 6" cake pan for this cake. Although, I think for a first birthday "dig into cake" 
I would probably use a 4" next time. 

Wait for it...

Finally! Planning his attack!

Using your hands is such a waste of time...

... and in a manner of seconds the cake is destroyed!

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  1. so cute! love the new layout, adorable! and this cake is so cute!